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Make a weekend out of it!

We've recently completed a thorough and painstakingly scientific analysis of local Port Townsend accommodations, and though our laboratories are still sifting though the copious samples, we're ready to offer our initial results!

THIS IS THE BEGINNING OF THE BUSY TOURIST SEASON IN PORT TOWNSEND - PLEASE MAKE YOUR HOTEL RESERVATIONS AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. We'd hate to have you stuck out in Sekiu because you couldn't find a hotel. We love you too much for that!

We Recommend

  • The Waterstreet Hotel
  • This is our favorite! It's fun, tasteful, affordable, centrally located and relaxed. The decor is informal, contemporary European. Some rooms view the water, others the street. There is a brewery next door, so the lower floor rooms can get some of the noise. We've blocked out the entire hotel for our wedding guests, but the hotel is small so make your reservations soon!
    Hotel rooms are held at the Waterstreet for you to reserve until April 1st.

    The Waterstreet Hotel

  • The Palace Hotel
  • Very decorative, also excellently located, fun and affordable. If you like Victorian decor, this place is a hoot! A little cheaper than the Waterstreet, and every room is different.

    The Palace Hotel

    Runners Up

  • The Bishop Hotel
  • The Bishop is a nice Victorian-style hotel but expensive when compared to the competition. The Palace is just as fun and fancy at a lower price.

    The Bishop Hotel

  • The Swan Hotel
  • The Swan, run by the same folks who run the Bishop, is a bit like three hotels in one. They have a tremendous penthouse suite that we've already booked for our wedding night. They also have several very cute cabin-like outbuildings. The main body of the building is pretty standard hotel-room fare. As with the Bishop, our only real argument is with the price when compared to our favorites, the Waterstreet and the Palace.

    The Swan Hotel

  • Harborside Inn
  • The Harborside Inn is decent & basic, as well as a little ways from downtown. There are views from the third floor on up, and a continental breakfast. A good choice if you're looking for a standard motel.

    Harborside Inn

    We Recommend Against

  • The Port Townsend Inn
  • This place is a lousy motel priced like a nice hotel. Stay away!

    Again, we are encouraging everyone to arrive in Port Townsend ready for an entire weekend of adventure. From fabulous shops to incredible food, a thriving local arts scene and plenty of beautiful hikes (not to mention great pubs), we could keep you busy for quite some time!

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