Dylan & Maggie Get Hitched!


We're having a name contest!

Maggie Donaldson and Dylan Martin are getting married, and traditionally married people have the same name, usually the man's. These two people are too liberated and obstinate to follow tradition, and they've found themselves in a bit of a pickle. Help them figure out their new name!

We'll be giving away three prizes at the wedding for the name contest: Most Beautiful, Silliest, and
Most Grotesque. Happy creating!

Thoughts we've had so far on traditional name options:

Take the Man's Name

Maggie likes her own name.

Take the Woman's Name

Dylan likes his own name.


While we may resort to this as a compromise that ruffles our feathers equally, we'd prefer not to. Dylan feels truly uneasy at the idea that our (hyphenated) children might marry others with hyphenated names, producing children with four names joined by three hyphens, who could marry and produce children with 8 names and 7 hyphens and on and on ...

Keep our names

But then we still have to figure out how to name our kids.

Okay, then keep your names, and give the kids one of your names

We really want to have the same names as our kids. Imagine, Dylan Martin walks into a preschool and asks to take little Avocado Donaldson home. They'd pack him off in the back of a squad car.

Sheesh ... trade off giving your two names to kids as they're born

That doesn't solve the squad car problem from above, plus our kids would have different names from each other. Not always a good idea. Look at Charlie Sheen and Emilio Estevez ...

Keep your last names, but take on your partner's name as a middle name

Not bad, except we're both as attached to our middle names as our last names. Heck, Dylan's web page URL is his middle name.

Take on more middle names

Possible, but not elegant at all. This solution suffers as much as the hyphen problem, plus it's too long to write.

Pick a third name for everyone

This is actually our favorite option, but we'd need to find the perfect name that satisfies Maggie's lean toward beauty and Dylan's love of the absurd. Thus the contest!

Suggestions so far:

  • Dylan & Maggie Vader
  • Dylan & Maggie Donalmar
  • Dylan & Maggie Martidon
  • Dylan & Maggie The Great
  • Etc ...

As you can see, we've had little help so far, but at least some amusement.
You can help by sending us your entries for the contest!

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